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Wolvercote Primary School - Welcome to our new school website.
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Welcome to Key Stage One. This includes Hedgehogs Year 1/2 class, Water Voles Year 1/2 class and Squirrels Year 1/2 class.  The key stage is led by Miriam Marsden.
Picture 1 Miriam Marsden, Hedgehogs Teacher
Picture 2 Morag Scott, Hedgehogs Teacher
Picture 3 Vicky Ochiela, Hedgehogs Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Clare O'Leary, Hedgehogs Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Emma Cox, Hedgehogs Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Ellie Goodman, Squirrels Teacher
Picture 7 Laura Edwards, Squirrels Teaching Assistant
Picture 8 Sylvia Davis, Squirrels Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Erin Burns, Water Voles Teacher
Picture 10 Alice Meyer, Water Voles Teaching Assistant