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Coronavirus Information

Wolvercote Primary School remained open for key worker children and vulnerable children throughout the  coronavirus lockdowns. We had a large uptake of children returning in June when we were allowed to partially reopen. We opened for all children from September 1st 2020 and we have been delighted to welcome our children back to school.


We have now begun the school year 2022-23 with new government guidance relating to the pandemic. Schools are allowed to return to normal with group activities taking place in the school where possible. However, there may be times when infection rates become high and this needs to be reviewed. It is now not recommended that children under 19 are tested for coronavirus unless directed to by a health professional, however if a child does test positive it is recommended that they stay at home for 3 days.


For further information on coronavirus symptoms, how to prevent the spread and what to do if you suspect you or a family member may have the virus, please follow advice at


The Government requires schools to publish their online learning approach should an individual child, or a whole class bubble be required to self-isolate. This document also provides information about the remote learning in place during the Spring Term lockdown.
The Government has given additional 'catch-up' money to schools to enable plans to be put into place to support children who require extra support due to the effects of COVID-19 and school lockdown. This document provides information about how Wolvercote School plans to use this money.
During this time of uncertainty and additional demands, it is even more important than usual to care for our mental health as well as our physical health. The Oxfordshire mental health team has produced some helpful newsletters with advice and guidance.