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At Wolvercote School, we offer a rich and diverse range of English teaching and learning activities. Our aim is to develop highly literate and self-motivated learners who have a confidence and love of the subject. There are different interrelated parts to the English curriculum: speaking and listening, reading and writing.


Speaking and listening development is planned into all areas of the curriculum. Our children are articulate and enjoy challenging themselves in debate and discussion. Good speaking and listening skills are vital for success in all areas of life.


Reading is given a high profile in the school. Teachers read to the children every day; we meet authors; we encourage reading for pleasure, while at the same time explicitly teaching the skills necessary to be a successful reader.


We want our children to enjoy writing and see it as a creative means to express themselves and as a vital tool in communication. A sense of purpose and clear understanding of who the audience is helps the children to remain motivated and to set high expectations for themselves.


Our Literacy coordinator is Mrs Newbury. She leads whole school training so that all staff are kept abreast of current developments and latest research. All adults aim to improve their own knowledge and skills, just as we expect this from the children.


Our school consistently achieves above the national and local averages for external assessments; this also includes the number of children who are working at a greater depth level. While results are a pleasing validation of the work that we do, our prime motivation is to help children to become lifelong learners and to develop the skills needed both for secondary school and in their lives beyond.