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Our Aim  

We aim for our children to leave in Year 6 with the ability to write using their own style of fast, fluent, legible and sustainable handwriting, as well as other styles of writing for specific purposes.


Teaching & Learning 

We teach handwriting in regular handwriting lessons and have high expectations that what is taught and practised in these lessons will be used in all writing activities. We encourage children to take pride in their work and good quality presentation is an integral part of this.


We use Penpals for Handwriting (Cambridge University Press) throughout the school. This  is a handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds that offers clear progression through five developmental stages: physical preparation for handwriting; securing correct letter formation; beginning to join; securing the joins and practising speed and fluency, and developing a personal style.


Penpals uses whole class teaching with the interactive whiteboards to enable modelling and interactive learning, along with practice books and workbooks to support independent work.


Equality of opportunity

All of our children have equal access to handwriting lessons and to the resources available. We recognise that some children take longer to develop the necessary skills and we cater for those children by providing additional opportunities for skills development. Children who need specific fine motor or handwriting interventions are identified early and the impact of interventions is carefully monitored. Children with a physical disability are catered for, and progress is monitored, according to their individual action plans.