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KS1 / KS2 Homework at Wolvercote Primary School

At Wolvercote School we offer a creative curriculum, designed to enhance the children’s academic achievement and to provide enriching experiences. We aim to foster a partnership between parents, children and school.  We recognise that the experiences that children get at home through family outings, clubs and playing with friends are of utmost importance to their development. Our homework programme is designed to work alongside these other commitments.

We have taken into consideration feedback from parents, staff and children regarding homework, alongside current research. We will continue to review homework and its impact over the coming months.


Purpose of Home Learning

  • To provide an opportunity for parents to become involved with the work that is going on in class
  • To consolidate and reinforce key skills and understanding, for example times tables
  • To extend school learning, for example through topic research
  • To further stimulate enthusiasm for learning
  • To foster good habits of organisation and independence (especially as pupils get older)



  • Research suggests that short focused tasks or activities which relate directly to what is being taught, and which are built upon in school, are likely to be most effective.


Routines and Expectations

  • Homework will be set each Friday
  • Homework should be completed and handed in the following Wednesday
  • In KS2, each child has a homework book 
  • Homework tasks will be written in the homework book for KS2. In KS1, they will only be published under the class pages on the website
  • Homework is not set over the holidays or half term breaks



  • Teachers will always look at the homework if they've asked for it to be recorded
  • The main type of feedback will be verbal feedback and group discussion
  • There will be opportunities for children to share their topic homework with their peers or other classes e.g. their buddies
  • Homework  dojos will be awarded


Types of Homework    


At least 5 times a week

This will involve listening to your child read; discussing the book to develop their understanding; reading to your child to further develop a love of books.  


Key Maths Skills

Once a week

Parents are not expected to teach new skills.

  • Support in practising tables, number bonds, doubling & halving etc. as directed by the teacher
  • ‘My Maths’ (KS2 only) and ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ (TTRS). The youngest children use NumBots to practise number facts, then move on to TTRS. Children will be issued with a login and weekly work will be set
  • Maths games



Once a week

Learning spellings: not just for tests but to be able to use them in independent writing. 


Continuation of Classwork

At the teacher’s discretion

At times further reading or research will be encouraged or work suggested that will feed into the ongoing class activities.


‘Write-On’ Talk Topic

Once a fortnight

Every alternative Friday, KS1 and KS2 will have an extended writing lesson called ‘Write-On’. This helps to build children’s resilience in writing and provides additional practice for them to apply their independent writing skills. In order to support the children, a Talk Topic will be set the previous Friday. Please discuss the subject with your child at home; this will help them prepare for the writing activity.



Once a term

At the beginning of each topic, the children will bring home a menu of creative topic related activities. The expectation is that the child will choose one task to complete that term. This will be handed in at a designated date (usually in the penultimate week of term).