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Welcome to Key Stage One. This includes Hedgehogs Year 1/2 class, Water Voles Year 1/2 class and Squirrels Year 1/2 class.  

Key Stage One is led by Miriam Marsden.

Miriam Marsden, Hedgehogs Teacher
Ruth Ryan, Hedgehogs Teacher
Jane Ivimey, Hedgehogs Teaching Assistant
Ellie Goodman, Squirrels Teacher
Vicky Ochiela, Squirrels Teaching Assistant
Emily Ashley, Squirrels & Hedgehogs TA
Lucy McIntyre, Squirrels Teaching Assistant
Kerrie Hannon, Squirrels Teaching Assistant
Erin Burns, Water Voles Teacher
Sylvia Davis, Water Voles Teaching Assistant
Jade Sharps, Water Voles Teaching Assistant