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Local Environment Activities

Our children feel passionately about their local environment and are very motivated to care for it and imporve it. Here are some examples of activities that they have been involved in.


Eco Club and Tree Planting

Representatives from classes 1-6 form our school Eco Club. They work on issues that are important to them, raising awareness within the school through assemblies and events. Recently our Eco club has worked on a tree planting project which included each class planting their own ‘class tree’ on our school grounds as well as a group of children helping to plant trees in the local area.   

Oxclean litter picking

Wolvercote children took part in the OxClean Spring Clean litter picking event. Children in the younger years focussed on cleaning up the school grounds, including litter that had blown into the school field. Children in the older years focussed on clearing litter from the local area.

Roadside emissions

See the link below to watch our Eco Agents explain why idling cars are bad for the environment. (Please note- it's Wolvercote children, not Windmill as reported!)

Learning how to care for pets in school

 We have enjoyed a number of school pets such as hampsters, guinea pigs and chickens. We have also loved our visiting 'reading dog' who listens to some of the children read! 

Carbon neutral plans

The governors are currently investigating ways that the school can move towards being carbon neutral.