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Topic - 'What hatches from an egg?' - Hatch day!
We incubated 6 eggs and 3 hatched! Our chicks are Pekin Bantams. 
Here they are still in the incubator, fluffing up and getting ready to move to the brooder. 

 The first chick hatched on              The second chick hatched on                The third chick hatched
Tuesday 11th. The children                    Tuesday evening.                         on Wednesday 12th. Some
watched it hatch together.                                                                        of the children saw it hatch.

The children were very excited to watch the chicks hatching.



They named the chicks.. 
                  'Coffee'                                              'Coco'                                                'Tea'

Here are some more pictures of our chicks...
Topic - 'What hatches from an egg?' - Investigating eggs
The children investigated what would happen when they placed a rotten egg and a fresh egg in the water. 
Topic - 'What hatches from an egg?' - Investigating eggs
We talked about the different parts of an egg and then the children cracked eggs open to explore them. They noticed the yolk, albumen and when they looked really really carefully, they spotted the chalaza. 





Topic - 'Out of this world!' - Whatever Next!
We read the story and thought about what we would need to take with us on a journey to the Moon. The children packed their own spaceships, counted down and blasted off!
Topic - 'Out of this world!' - We discovered strange marks on the floor...
The children talked about what they could see and investigated!





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