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School Meals

Food Provider

School meals are cooked on site by Caterlink- specialist caterers for schools, colleges and universities.



The menu is displayed on the website and in the classrooms. Children can order their lunch each day during the morning registration.


 Cost of meals

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals. For children in Year 3 and above, who are not in receipt of free school meals, a school lunch costs £2.20 a day. This can be paid online by +Pay which is arranged through the school office.



Caterlink has extensive experience of providing meals for children with allergies. Alternative food will be prepared to meet the child's individual needs. 


Packed lunches

The school operates a healthy eating policy. We ask parents to provide their children with a balanced lunch if  children are not having a school meal.

We are sometimes asked what children can and cannot have in their lunch box.

  • They cannot  have any nuts and this includes Nutella and some snack bars. We are a nut free school due to severe nut allergies in school.
  • No fizzy drinks
  • No sweets or chocolate bars
  • It is fine to include a small sweet treat such as a slice of cake, cake bar or biscuit based chocolate bar such as a penguin.



Children in Early Years and KS1 receieve a piece of fruit every day for their snack. This is part of the Government fruit and vegetable scheme for schools and is free. KS2 children are encouraged to bring their own fruit snack. Only fruit is allowed and this excludes variations such as fruit winders.